As a self proclaimed arts and crafts professional since the age of 6, it was only natural that Sloane’s career would allow her to continue working with paper, scissors and glue. Sloane’s love of graphic design began as a college student studying in London and continued throughout her studies at Boston University. Having received her B.S. in Communications and Graphic Design Sloane moved back to NYC where she held various positions at several marketing firms. In 2006, she decided to pack her bags and head west to California. After a short stint in sales, Sloane serendipitously landed a job at a stationery store, where she found her true artistic passion. Since then she have been creating compelling and unique invitations using all of the printing methods available; letterpress, engraving, thermography and off-set. It is Sloane’s desire to turn your vision for your special event into a reality.

PHOTO Let’s Frolic Together